Program Specialist (Instructional Assistant)



Category:                    Support Staff

Employment Type:       Full-time

Building:                     Ivy Creek School

Location:                     227 Lambs Lane, Charlottesville, VA



The Piedmont Regional Education Program (PREP) seeks to hire program specialists to support the effective operation of Ivy Creek School. Ideal candidates are those who take initiative and are task oriented, patient, flexible and committed to serving students with disabilities.


Questions regarding this position may be directed to Angela Neely, PREP Executive Director, at


Salary Range: Support Salary Scale: $24,414 – $48,113

Salary is commensurate with years of related experience; advanced degree supplements are available as determined by the PREP Joint Board of Control.


Primary Function:

To assist professional staff by performing tasks which are assigned and directed by the teacher or other designated personnel.  The tasks must not infringe upon the responsibilities reserved for certified teachers.  It is vital that both the teacher and program specialist fully understand the limitations as well as the tasks of the assistant.


Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Assist teachers with instructional activities such as:
    1. Assisting students in completing assignments
    2. Helping students locate and use materials
    3. Assisting students to understand and follow directions and rules
    4. Assisting students with self-regulation of their immediate behavior
    5. Reinforcing strategies for learning self-regulation
    6. Encouraging students to work independently
    7. Listening and engaging with students
    8. Reinforce skills taught by the classroom teacher to small and large groups
    9. Help students individually with special assignments and academic problems
    10. Carry on other instructional activities during assigned work hours


  1. Assist teachers with routine tasks such as:
    1. Recording attendance and other information
    2. Collecting money
    3. Preparing the classroom for instruction
    4. Gathering resource and supplementary materials
    5. Setting up and operating audiovisual equipment
    6. Preparing instructional materials
    7. Other routine tasks during assigned work hours


  1. To assist teachers on occasions such as:
    1. Fire drills
    2. Field trips during the assigned work hours
    3. Activities for parents during the assigned work hours
    4. Special events during the assigned working hours


  1. Perform other duties deemed necessary by the principal/assistant principal and/or classroom teacher



Performance will be evaluated on the ability and effectiveness in carrying out the above responsibilities via the Support Staff Evaluation System.



Required Qualifications:

  1. Holds at least an Associate degree or successfully completed the ParaPro Assessment;
  2. Demonstrates basic reading, writing and computation skills;
  3. Has previous experience working with groups of children;
  4. Has good physical and emotional health; and
  5. Ability to lift a minimum of 30 pounds, walk an average of one mile per day, climb flights of stairs as needed, and transition from standing to the floor and back during service provision.


Preferred Qualifications:


  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred
  2. Three or more years of experience in a public school setting


Reports To:  Ivy Creek Administrator



Contact Information

Name: Angela Neely


Phone: 434-975-9400


Posting Schedule

August 3, 2021