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Name:  Angela Neely


Phone: 434-975-9400



Ivy Creek School is a K-12 public separate day school serving up to 69 students with behavioral disabilities, is seeking elementary and middle school level special education teachers. ICS is operated by the Piedmont Regional Education Program. Ivy Creek School offers very low student to staff ratios, an onsite specialized team of clinicians, counselors and behavioral specialists to support student therapeutic needs and enjoys a reputation for effectively meeting the needs of students with behavioral disabilities. Ivy Creek School occupies a modern school facility and is located in the beautiful city of Charlottesville, Virginia.


Primary Function:

To implement an instructional program with multi-tiered systems of supports aligned with state standards, resulting in increased academic outcomes for all students. Ability to fully participate in IEP development and implementation to support increased student achievement. Ability to fully integrate therapeutic interventions as trained and guided by the therapeutic treatment team to eliminate student barriers to accessing the curriculum.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Professional Performance
  2. Comply with school and school board policies and regulations
  3. Comply with all policies/procedures related to planning, development and implementation of special education services to students with behavioral disabilities
  4. Work cooperatively with all staff
  5. Relate positively to parents and to other community representatives
  6. Demonstrate professional growth
  7. Complete all required records and reports in a timely manner
  8. Accept responsibilities outside the classroom as they relate to the school
  9. Utilize instructional and planning time effectively
  10. Assume responsibility for all materials, equipment and facilities
  11. Assume responsibility for an orderly and safe environment for students
  12. Participate in all school climate/culture initiatives
  13. Manage Program Specialists assigned to class, working collaboratively with administration to improve their performance and complete evaluation(s).


  1. Instructional Performance
  2. Instruction
    1. Clearly communicate lesson objectives and its importance to students
    2. Employ research based, appropriate and varied teaching techniques and learning activities
    3. Use out-of-class assignments, when appropriate, to support instructional objectives
    4. Manage both formative and summative assessments to inform instructional practices.
    5. Use data effectively to monitor student progress for both academic content and IEP goals and objectives
    6. Align lesson plans and instruction with state standards


  1. Classroom Management
    1. Develop and maintain a consistent classroom schedule
    2. Maintain discipline appropriate to learning situation and student characteristics
    3. Engage students in the instructional process
    4. Implement positive behavior interventions and supports
    5. Implement multi-tiered systems of support to foster positive student behavior


  1. Interpersonal Relations
    1. Practice and promote positive interaction with and among students
    2. Demonstrate enthusiasm for learning
    3. Encourage self-direction and self-motivation in students
  2. Subject Matter
    1. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the subject matter
    2. Demonstrate the ability to adapt all instruction to meet individual student needs and interests
    3. Ensure instruction is aligned to the state standards
  3. Planning/Materials
    1. Maintain an organized program of instruction based on effective long-range plans
    2. Create and implement weekly lesson plans aligned to the state standards and student IEPs, with differentiation to meet the unique needs of each student
    3. Utilize a variety of materials and resources that support instruction aligned to the state standards, as well as individual student IEP goals



Performance will be evaluated on the ability and effectiveness in carrying out the above responsibilities via the Teacher Performance Evaluation System.


Required Qualifications:

  1. Possess or be eligible for a Virginia special education teaching license appropriate at the elementary or middle school level
  2. Two years successful experience teaching students with disabilities
  3. Experience with IEP development and implementation
  4. Certified in both the Mandt System and Ukeru behavior management systems or successful completion of both courses during 1st semester of employment. Training provided onsite by PREP.
  1. Physical ability to safely apply Mandt System and Ukeru techniques, once certified


Preferred Qualifications

  1. Three years documented successful teaching experience working in public or separate day school setting with students demonstrating behavioral disorders
  2. Familiar with procedures related to IEP development and implementation



Classroom Teacher - full time (10 month) contract


Salary Range: $48,970 - $76,164

Salary is commensurate with years of related experience. Advanced degree supplements are available, as determined by the PREP Joint Board of Control.

Position is VRS eligible




Posting Schedule

2021 – 2022 school year: open until filled